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International Moving

International Moving Costs for 2024

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According to the United Nations, COVID-19 disrupted all forms of mobility due to national borders halting travel. Estimates suggest that the pandemic slowed the growth of international migrants by approximately two million by mid-2020. That’s a 27 percent decrease from the year before. However, growth has been robust. Estimates are back to the tens of millions of people moving abroad. 

Inflation is hitting us from all angles, and moving is not left out. The cost of ocean freight, air freight, and moving-related charges has increased by about fifteen percent. 

Here you will find a breakdown of international moving costs for 2024, what to expect and how to reduce international moving costs. You should always speak with a national moving company about your needs.

International Moving Costs for 2024

Quick answer: The average cost of moving from the US abroad in 2024 is $4200 to $7000. The size of your move is the most significant factor. However, service, time of year, and the company you choose can affect the cost. 

The breakdown of international moving costs for 2024 will vary based on service, destination, and load size. You can use the below chart to help with planning and budgeting. It’s always best to speak with a national moving company about the details of your move. 


Cost averages for international moving in 2024

1 Bedroom

$ 2700-3500

Ocean FreightDoor to Door

2 Bedroom

$ 3700-5000

Ocean FreightDoor to Door

3 Bedroom

$ 5700-7500

Ocean FreightDoor to Door

4 Bedroom

$ 8000-11000

Ocean FreightDoor to Door

5 Bedroom

$ 12500-15000

Ocean FreightDoor to Door

International auto transport costs

Quick Answer: The average cost to ship a vehicle from the US abroad is $2000 to $4000. The service you require and vehicle size will have the most significant impact on the total cost. 

Least expensive: The cheapest way to ship a vehicle overseas is called a roll-on roll of service, also known as RORO. RORO service is a port-to-port shipping option that will require you to drop your car at a nearby terminal and pick it up at the destination port. 

Second least expensive: A consolidation service is an excellent option for people that want their vehicle in a container but want to cut costs. Your vehicle will be consolidated with others shipping to the same destination. 

Most expensive: If you’re shipping a high-end vehicle or want your own container, you may pay a hefty price. However, there are benefits to having your container. One primary benefit is you can use the container to add additional items. International moving costs for 2024 will vary, so it’s always best to speak directly with a global moving company

How to reduce international moving costs

International moving costs for 2024 are on the rise. Times have changed, inflation is kicking in, and transportation costs have increased by about fifteen percent. The good news is there are ways of reducing your moving costs. 

Get rid of stuff: Dumping unwanted items is a sure way of reducing your moving expenses. Ocean freight is based on volume, so the more you have, the higher the cost. Moving is a great time to purge! You can use a non-profit to pick up unwanted items for free or sell some stuff online. 

Self-pack: Packing your items will help reduce your moving costs by about ten percent. If it’s something you can do, then do it. You can purchase boxes online or at any local Home Depot or Walmart. 

Service: A door to port or port to port service is the most economical route. If you live by a major US port or move by a significant port, consider a port shipping option to reduce costs. 

Choose the right company: Not all international movers are skillful and know the best action plan. Look for a company with experience and knowledge of the destination you’re moving to. It can help you save big bucks. 

International Moving Costs for 2024

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Airfreight costs for 2024

Quick answer: Air freight is the most expensive shipping option for household goods. You can expect to pay double and sometimes triple the ocean freight cost. The average prices range from $6000 to $10000. 

Airfreight may be your best option if you’re in a hurry. Transit time is about seven to ten days quicker than ocean freight, but it comes with a price. 

Shipping by air is not suggested for larger homes. However, if you’re moving a small number of household goods, you may want to consider it an option. 

Also, for smaller moves such as ten to twenty boxes, you can look into parcel service, which will help reduce costs. 

Moving insurance cost and how it works

If you’re moving overseas, you will want to consider insurance. Insurance is not part of your quote, so you must ask your mover about their insurance policies and costs. Below is the breakdown and cost of international moving insurance. 

Professional Pack: If you purchase a full-pack move, you will be eligible for all-risk premium insurance. The insurance will cover the value of your goods and typically costs three to four percent of the value of the goods. 

Self-pack: If you choose to pack your own boxes, you will be eligible for total loss insurance. Total loss coverage covers the loss of an item and not damage. The standard rate is two to three percent of the goods declared value. 

It’s always best to speak with a professional relocation coordinator about the details of your move. They can walk you through the process of insurance and go over rates. 

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Securing a Visa 

In most cases, moving to a new country for more than three months will require a visa. Many people forget to budget for one of the most critical steps to get a visa

There are destinations you can travel to without a visa. However, if you’re planning to relocate to another country, you will most likely need one. Companies like Nomadic Fire can assist you with the visa process. 

International Moving Costs for 2024 can vary from $1800 to $3000 depending on your situation and the final destination. It’s always best to speak with a consultant to find more information on all the costs involved. 

Miscellaneous moving expenses to consider

International moving costs for 2024 are on the rise, and so are everyday items for our homes. Many expenses are overlooked, such as furnishings, food, and airfare. Below is a list of miscellaneous items 

  • Flights: $300 to $800 per person 
  • Pet Relocation: $5000 to $7000
  • Securing a home: $7500
  • Visa fees: $1800 – $300 per person Check here
  • New stuff for home: $4000
  • Healthcare: Check here

There are other expenses to consider, but this gives you the idea. When relocating to a new country, you should always consider all costs involved. A quality international mover can walk you through the process and answer most questions you may have. 

Find the best international moving companies

International moving is a service that requires skill, knowledge, and experience. Most long-distance moving companies don’t have the expertise or proper licensing to provide ocean freight services. It’s in your best interest to spend some time and research companies before deciding on a company. 

Tip: Questions to ask international moving companies

Check license info: The first step in finding an international moving company is checking the FMC website to make sure they maintain an active lisenced and bond. If they don’t, then that should be a deal-breaker. 

Knowledge of destination: You must speak with someone that knows the country you’re moving to. Customs rules and regulations vary from country to country. There are regulations and processes that companies must abide by. 

Online reviews: Although this day and age review arent the most reliable source, they still have use. It’s essential to check online reviews to see how companies respond to issues. It will also more or less give you a decent overview of the company. 

Years in business: We all have to start somewhere, so I have nothing against a new company. However, it’s essential to match online reviews with years in business and company size. Suppose a new smaller company has a lot of bad reviews; that is not a good sign. International moving costs for 2024 are already rising, and you don’t want to get scammed. 

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