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Cost of Moving to Dublin, Ireland

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Moving to Dublin, Ireland

The Cost of Moving to Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is becoming popular with foreign direct investments, and it’s vibrant tech scene. It comes as no suprise that expats are flocking to Dublin, Ireland, and at a rapid pace. It’s beautiful scenery, and peaceful culture makes it a desired location for anyone moving to Ireland. In this article, we will provide the cost of moving to Dublin, Ireland.

Moving from the U.S. to Dublin may seem like a daunting task, but the good news is that it’s not. There are several options to get your household goods from the U.S. to Dublin, and we will share those with you. Below you will find different shipping options and costs associated with moving your household goods. International Van Lines is lisenced by the Federal Maritime Commission to provide ocean and air freight transportation to Dublin, Ireland.

Cost of moving to Dublin Ireland

Foreman control loading Containers

Ocean Freight

Ocean freight is the most affordable option for shipping. In addition, there are a few options that you’ll have. If you’re moving furniture and person effects, then a container would be ideal. The cost of moving to Dublin, Ireland will vary based on the volume and services required. As an example, you will have the option to self-pack, self-load, and even pick up from the destination port. Below are some examples of the cost of moving to Dublin, Ireland.

Keep in mind that costs will vary based on where you’re moving from, size and services. The rates below are guidelines to help you plan and budget. It’s always best to speak with a relocation coordinator to get more details about pricing. Feel free to contact us at any time.

20″ $1500-$2500 $1500-$2000 $1500-$2000
40″ $1800-$2600 $1800 $1800-$2500
40″ HC $1800-$3000 $2300-$2700 $1800-$2700

Less than Container Load (LCL)

LCL shipments are also known as consolidations. An LCL is geared toward shipping smaller moves such as boxes and a couple of pieces of furniture. Your household goods will be palletized and placed in a container with others that are going to Dublin, Ireland. The cost of moving to Dublin, Ireland, will vary based on the size and service of your move. You’ll have the option to self-pack, bring your stuff to the port or get a full door to door service. Below are some examples of what an LCL shipment will cost you.

Disclaimer: The prices listed below are solely used to provide averages. Rates can change based on different factors.

100-200CUFT $450-$600 $300-$400 $400-$600
300-400CUFT $700-$900 $500-$600 $600-$800
500-600CUFT $1000-$1200 $700-$800 $900-$1000
Air freight to Dublin, Ireland

Loading cargo into the aircraft


Airfreight is the quickest, but also the most expensive form of transportation. However, if you’re in a hurry, then airfreight is your best option. Transit times typically take up to a week but can vary based on the state you’re moving from and time of year. An airfreight service is similar to ocean freight in terms of service options. You will have the ability to self-pack, drop off, or even pick up at the airport in Dublin, Ireland. Remember, the cost of moving to Dublin, Ireland, will change based on what you have, and unlike ocean freight, the air is based on weight and volume.

500-1000lbs $450-$600 $850-$1500 $400-$600
1000-2000lbs $700-$900 $1500-$2500 $600-$800
2000-3000lbs $1000-$1200 $2500-$3500 $900-$1000

Port & Terminal Handling Charges (THC)

Port and THC charges are billed by the ports and are unavoidable. These are the charges from the port which pay for the receiving and handling your shipment upon arrival. No matter where in the world you move, port and THC charges are billed. Most companies will include them in your overall cost, but it’s good to double-check. Below are some averages of what you can expect to pay in port fees. It’s best to speak with a relocation coordinator to get more details.

Container: $400-$700
Consolidation: $200-$500
Air Freight: $200-$400

Cost of Shipping a Vehicle to Dublin, Ireland

There are several ways of transporting a vehicle from the U.S. to Dublin. If you’re moving household goods, you can put the car in the same container. However, you can’t fill your trunk or car with personal effects. Below are the different options and costs of moving to Dublin, Ireland. Rates vary based on where you’re shipping from and the type of service you will require. You can use the below as guidelines to help you plan and budget accordingly.

$700-$900 $2500-$3000 $1400-$1700 $400-$600

Shipping Documents

When shipping or moving overseas, you will need to fill out shipping information forms. An inventory list will value will be required, along with the necessary shipping information. As a lisenced NVOCC, we will handle all the paperwork needed for the customer. To view the forms ahead of time, please feel free to click on the following link. Shipping Information Forms.

You should also contact the Dublin port with any questions regarding tax, port charges, and the customs process. It’s always good to be prepared and plan appropriately. We can also assist with any questions, so please feel free to contact us at any time.