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How to Pack Shoes for a Move

By September 20, 2021September 16th, 2022No Comments
How to pack shoes for a move

Shoes are one of the most complicated things to pack when moving.  They are an awkward shape, and it is easy to damage shoes in a move if you don’t pack them right.


The good news is that if you know how to pack them properly, it is easy to ensure your shoes arrive at your new home in perfect condition (with no heels broken)!


Put a Sock in Each Shoe


Stuffing a rolled-up pair of socks in the toe of each shoe before packing it helps your shoes keep their shape during the move.  Depending on the style and shape of the shoe, you may want to put a pair of socks at the heel as well.


Not only does this help keep your shoes from being damaged in the move, but it is also a clever way to save space when packing your clothes.


If you’ve already packed your socks, you can use a scrunched-up piece of paper or plastic bag instead of socks.  Just be sure you use plain paper rather than newspaper to prevent the newspaper print from transferring onto your shoe.


How to pack shoes when moving

Clean Your Shoes Before Packing


If your shoes are dirty, take the time to clean them before packing them.  The dirt can easily transfer from one shoe to another during the move and make unpacking a messy job.


It is also nice to unpack clean shoes at your new home and not worry about having to clean them next time you go to wear them.


Just make sure your shoes are completely dry before packing them. It will help prevent the colors from transferring from one shoe to another. Additionally, it will help your shoes getting moldy before you unpack them. You should also learn how to pack for a small move.


Box Nice Pairs Individually


Your nicest pairs of shoes deserve a little more attention than your everyday shoes.


To keep your expensive shoes safe, you should pack each pair in its own individual box and wrap them in plain paper to keep them from moving around in the box.


If you don’t have the original shoe box, you can either purchase shoe boxes online or try to find free shoe boxes.


Your local shoe store may have extra shoe boxes they’re willing to give you.  Your local community Facebook page is a great place to find free shoe boxes as well.

Pack Everyday Shoes in a Basket


If you have everyday shoes like sneakers that don’t need to be packed individually, using a plastic basket is one of the easiest ways to pack them.


All your shoes are in one place, and you don’t have to worry about trying to fit them into a square box.



Tie Sneaker Shoelaces Together


Whether you pack your sneakers in a basket or box, you should tie the laces of your sneakers together.


This way your shoes are always with their pair.  You don’t have to rummage through a pile of shoes to find a matching pair if you need to wear them before you unpack.


Use Bubble Wrap


Many people wrap their shoes in plastic bags before packing them. However, you should actually wrap your shoes in bubble wrap instead.


Bubble wrap is more durable than a plastic bag, which means there is less of a chance of damage.  This is especially important if your shoes have a heel on them.


You don’t want your shoes to be unprotected during the move. There is a higher likelihood of them moving around in the box and breaking.

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Pack Heavy Shoes on the Bottom


No matter what you pack your shoes in, you should put your heaviest shoes on the bottom.


It helps even out the weight of the box. It also makes the box easier to lift, and prevents lighter shoes from being damaged.




Packing shoes for a move isn’t nearly as cumbersome as you think it is.  It may seem like a lot of effort, but taking your time is worth it.


Once your expensive shoes are safely packed, you can quickly and easily pack your everyday shoes in a plastic basket.  Just be sure to tie your shoelaces together before packing them!




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