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International Moving & Storage

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International moving services

International Moving & Storage Services by International Van Lines

Embarking on a new chapter in a different country is an exhilarating yet formidable endeavor. The list of tasks is extensive and becomes even more complex when you encounter a gap between the arrival of your belongings and the readiness of your new home. 

Whether you’re still hunting for that perfect residence or you plan to upgrade to a larger space, these are the moments when you need a reliable partner in your corner.

International Van Lines (IVL) stands ready with the expertise, the tools, and the state-of-the-art warehouse facilities to ensure every facet of your international move is seamless. Let’s explore how our tailored services can ease your transition and help you plant your feet firmly on foreign soil.

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international moving

Our International Storage Services

Our storage solutions offer a bridge during the interim of your relocation, safeguarding your possessions and providing you with the assurance that everything is secure while you establish your new home.

Storage in Transit (SIT)

Storage in transit (SIT) is an invaluable service during the interim of your move, offering a secure haven for your items until you’re ready to welcome them into your new space. Whether it’s a delay in housing arrangements, unexpected setbacks, or simply the need for additional time, our SIT services are here to accommodate.

Here’s how it works:

  • We meticulously pack and transport your items from your original location to your new country.
  • Upon arrival, your belongings are stored in a secure container at one of our local warehouses.
  • Your furniture and possessions are shielded from dust and damage on specialized racks, enveloped in protective stretch wrap.
  • When your new home is ready, we promptly deliver your items to your doorstep.

Our SIT services are economically priced at 50 cents per cubic foot per month, prorated to your specific needs.

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Long-Term Storage

For those requiring an extended storage solution, our long-term options mirror the convenience of SIT with the added benefit of duration. Ideal for families in the midst of finding a forever home or those on prolonged assignments, our long-term storage provides both standard and climate-controlled options to preserve your items best.

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The average monthly cost for long-term storage spans from $74 to $181 for standard containers and $90 to $266 for climate-controlled units, varying by the volume of your belongings

Our International Moving Services

The complexity of moving across borders is not to be underestimated, involving a tapestry of logistical considerations. IVL offers a comprehensive suite of services to ensure the safe and smooth transition of your possessions, freeing you to focus on the personal aspects of your move.

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Door-to-Door International Moving

Our door-to-door international moving service is the epitome of comprehensive care. It’s designed to navigate the intricacies of an overseas move, providing a full spectrum of professional solutions. 

From meticulous packing services to managing port and THC charges, along with ocean and air freight options, IVL is your ally in orchestrating a move that’s as stress-free as possible.

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Ocean Freight

Ocean freight remains the cornerstone of international moving, favored for its cost-effectiveness and security. Whether you opt for a Full Container Load (FCL) for exclusive use or a Less than Container Load (LCL) to share space, we offer both 20-foot and 40-foot containers to accommodate the scale of your move. Costs and transit times will vary, but our team will provide a tailored solution that aligns with your timeline and budget.

Air Freight

For those under time constraints, air freight offers a swift alternative. While more costly than ocean freight, it ensures your items arrive in a fraction of the time. It’s an ideal solution for urgent relocations or transporting high-value items that demand expedited delivery.

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Vehicle Transportation

Navigating the complexities of vehicle transportation is a task best left to the experts. IVL provides bespoke solutions for cars, motorcycles, boats, and recreational vehicles, ensuring they arrive safely at your new destination. From RoRo services to specialized crating, we handle the logistics so you can focus on settling in.

International Office, Corporate, Government & Military Relocations

When moving entire organizations or military units, the stakes are high, and the requirements are stringent. IVL brings unparalleled expertise, offering a suite of services tailored to the unique needs of corporate, government, and military relocations. From logistical planning to IT equipment handling, we ensure a transition that’s as efficient as it is seamless.

The International Van Lines Difference

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At International Van Lines, our international moving and storage services are the best in the industry. For over two decades, homeowners, corporate offices, and government entities have trusted us to complete their international moves.

World-Class International Moving Services

With two decades of experience, IVL has established a reputation for providing exceptional moving solutions at competitive prices. Our accolades from Forbes, US News, and Newsweek speak to our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Affordable International Moving Costs

We pride ourselves on offering some of the most comprehensive yet cost-effective international relocation solutions in the industry. Our team works diligently to provide services that fit within your financial framework without compromising on quality.

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DOT, FMC & AMSA Licenses

Our credentials with the Department of Transportation, Federal Maritime Commission, and American Moving & Storage Association are more than just badges—they assure our adherence to the highest standards of service and safety in the moving industry.

Begin Your International Adventure with IVL

When you choose IVL, you’re not just moving; you’re moving forward with confidence. Contact us today to discuss your international moving and storage needs and receive a personalized quote. Let us take the weight off your shoulders so you can embark on your global adventure with peace of mind.

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