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What Are Port & THC Charges

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Port & THC charges explained

What Are Port & THC Charges?

A common question we get is, what are port & THC charges. THC, which stands for Terminal Handling Charges, are fees collected by the port for equipment handling and maintenance. Port & THC charges vary from port to port because the cost of handling varies from country to country. However, you can expect higher charges for larger, more complex shipments. For example, if you’re moving a full household in a 40″ container, your charges will greater than if you were shipping 20 boxes. Below you will find more information on the costs, how they’re billed and what to expect when moving overseas.

Port & THC charges

Work Flow of The Ports

Who Collects Port & THC Charges

Typically, terminal handling charges for exports are invoiced to the shipper (you) by the shipping line. However, you can request that port & THC charges be added to your bill by the freight forwarder or international moving company you’re working with. It’s important to ask the company you’re contracting to provide the fees ahead of time, so there are no surprises.

It’s not uncommon, especially in the moving industry, that companies will not tell you about the THC charges. It is guaranteed that at some point you will need to pay the charges so why not find out what they are. You can also visit Hamburg Sud’s website to calculate the approximate costs. We always recommend speaking with a professional relocation coordinator about what the port & THC will cost you.

Costs for Port & THC – Averages

The costs below are for budgeting purposes only. Port & THC charges may vary based on the shipping line, time of year, and complexity of your shipment. It’s always recommended that you speak directly with a relocation coordinator to find out more information about what your THC charges will be upon arrival.

Continent 20′ Container 40′ container
Africa $455-$750 $550-$880
Asia $492-$800 $600-$900
Australia $474-$780 $625-$930
Europe $487-$804 $646-$956
South America $481-$800 $624-$920
FCL port charges

FCL Vs. LCL, what’s better for you?

What is an LCL and FCL Shipment

Less Than Container Load (LCL) – When moving or shipping overseas you’ll have a range of shipping options. The most cost-efficient options will always be presented to you by the shipping company you chose. LCL shipping is useful for small shipments that can be palletized. An example would be boxes or just a few pieces of furniture. Your goods would be consolidated into a 40′ container with other shipments routed for the same destination. It’s cost-efficient. however, based on the shipping company you chose it can take longer than shipping by Full Container Load (FCL).

Full Container Load (FCL) – FCL’s typically consist of 20′ or 40′ containers. In case you ship via FCL you will have an exclusive container that you can fill at a flat cost. If you’re moving household goods then costs can fluctuate based on how much packing & loading you may need. However, FCL shipments tend to ship quicker, so if you’re looking for a faster transit time then FCL is the way to go. Find out more about international moving costs.

LCL Port & THC Costs

If you’re shipping or moving door to door, most companies will include THC charges as part of their cost. The difference with an LCL VS. FCL is that the port & THC charges are shared amongst everyone in the container. For example, if the total THC charges for a 40′ container are $900, and there are 2 shipments in the container, your costs will e $450.

It’s highly recommended that you speak with the shipping company to determine what the THC charges will be for your destination. However, you can use the costs below for budgeting and planning purposes.

Continent 100-300cuft 301-500uft
Australia $150-$300 $300-$500
Europe $200-$350 $325-$600
Asia $200-$400 $250-$600
South America $250-$450 $300-$700
Africa $300-$500 $350-$700

Port & THC – The Bottom Line

The charges mentioned in this post are averages only. Port & THC charges can vary based on several factors. The size of your load and where you’re shipping will determine the total cost. It’s recommended that you speak with the shipping company you chose to find out more details. Most quality international moving companies will include these charges in their costs, but don’t assume. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time.