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Last Minute Moving Tips

By February 11, 2020September 16th, 2022No Comments
last minute moving tips

Last-Minute Moving Tips That Can Help

In a perfect world, you would have weeks or even months to prepare for your relocation. But, let us be honest – rare are the occasions where everything is just perfect. Saying goodbye to everybody and moving somewhere completely new is complicated enough. However, when you add moving at the last minute onto your list, things get a lot more stressful. Many things can go wrong then – you might forget something, you might injure yourself, or you might even make mistakes that will slow down your move. Yes, all of these things can happen, but you may avoid them as long as you prepare thoroughly and organize your progress correctly. That is why we are here! So,  if you’re interested in some of the last-minute moving tips and tricks, keep on reading.

Make a Plan

Whether you are moving in a hurry or you have months to prepare, making a plan is of crucial importance. Thus, start from there. If you are moving with your family, call for a family meeting and start discussing your move in detail. Split the chores amongst yourselves. Then, decide whether you will hire a moving and packing agency or do everything by yourself. Of course, this decision largely depends on your moving date and budget, so analyze those too, and plan accordingly. Moreover, while you are making a plan, it would also be a good idea to walk through your home and decide what you are taking with you and what you are leaving behind. If you plan on going a lot of stuff, you should also determine what should be donated, sold, and or thrown away.

last-minute moving tips

Hire a Moving Agency

Hopefully, after analyzing your budget and abilities, you can now decide whether to hire a moving agency or not. Yes, doing everything by yourself is going to be cheaper, but it will also require a lot of time and energy. Because of that, when moving at the last minute, only a moving agency like can help you out. Professional movers are trained and experienced people who will know how to safely relocate all of your belongings in no time. They will also bring their own packing supplies, pack everything and load it into their moving truck, and take care of shipping and storage, if necessary. Your only job will be to tell them your new address and what items need to be relocated.

Gather Packing Supplies

However, if your budget does not allow you to hire a moving agency, do not worry, there are other ways to move in a hurry. Again, start by making a plan, and a list of all the items that need to be packed and relocated. Then, go to your stationery shop or a hardware store and buy packing supplies. Buy more than you think you will need. When moving in a hurry, it is better to be safe than sorry! If you do not buy enough, you will lose valuable time by going back and forth to the store. So, do not cut any corners. You will need cardboard boxes of all sizes, packing paper, plastic wrap, packing peanuts, a lot of duct tape, scissors and permanent markers. Buy your packing supplies ahead of time, and do not leave anything for the last day as you never know what to expect on moving day.

last minute moving tips

Pack Smart

If you are moving out of state, moving away from Illinois hassle-free, or from any other state for that matter, packing smart is one of the most crucial elements. And, packing smart means packing one room at the time. You will be surprised by how much time and energy that will save you. Again, if you are moving with a family, call for a family meeting and decide who is going to pack what room.

Moreover, packing smart also means packing the items you really need and knowing how to pack for a move. Do not waste your time on packing things that you never use, or packing things you did not even know you had. Thus, pack only what is absolutely necessary, valuable and expensive. Leave the rest behind – donate it, sell it, or place it into a storage unit. Also, you should not focus on sorting either. Pack items where they can fit. It does not matter if you packed books together with your clothes. Just pack!

last minute moving tipsGet Help!

Last but definitely not least tip for last-minute moving is finding help. If you hired a moving agency, that is great, you will not need anybody else. But if you have to move by yourself and do it fast, you must find help elsewhere. Thus, start calling everybody you know – friends, family members, neighbors, colleagues, etc. Somebody will be willing to come and help you out. And, yes, many would agree that when it comes to moving, the more people you have around the merrier. However, you should be careful, and again, make a plan before you ask friends for help. Having too many hands on deck can also be a problem. Just think about it – too many people running around, making a mess, not knowing who finished which task can become a nightmare. So, make a plan, find help accordingly, and split the chores so that everybody knows his or her task.