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Top 10 Countries to Work and Live Abroad in 2024

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Top 10 countries to work and live abroad

Top 10 Countries to Work and Live Abroad In 2024

When it comes to living and working abroad, certain countries offer irresistible prospects. Be it the lure of a high-quality lifestyle, promising job opportunities, or just the thrill of experiencing a new culture, these countries stand out as favorites. 

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Now, let’s delve into the top 10 countries for foreigners looking to expand their horizons in 2024.

1. Denmark: Best Overall

Ranked second on the Happiness Index, Denmark is one of the best choices for those looking to work and live abroad, temporarily or permanently. 

With healthcare and education, including free college, taxes are high, but every cent is considered an investment in citizens’ lives.


Danes emphasize teamwork and trust in workplaces, but learning Danish is necessary to integrate successfully, especially for work.

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2. Switzerland: Best for Career Growth

Switzerland is a wealth-building destination, offering one of the highest average incomes globally. The cost of living might be high, but shorter work hours, longer breaks, and luxurious infrastructure compensate for it.


Switzerland is ideal for career growth with primary industries, including finance, banking, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, luxury goods, engineering, and chemistry.

3. Germany: Best for Settling Down

Although Germans are known for their strict adherence to rules and social conventions, you will find that the general population welcomes foreigners. 


Germany’s rich history, culture, low unemployment rate, and large economy make it a great option for building a permanent career. The country offers up to six to seven weeks of paid time off a year, enabling you to explore other European countries.

Germany is a great country to build a permanent career in, as it boasts the largest economy in Europe and has a very low unemployment rate. Wages are more than enough to build a disposable income on, and focusing on a healthy work-life balance means you’ll have enough time to enjoy your new home to its fullest. Learning German isn’t difficult for English speakers and will significantly enhance your chances of landing your dream job abroad.

The great schools, universal healthcare, great social security, low crime rates, and free universities make Germany not only a country where you can thrive but a country where you can settle down.

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4. Australia: Best for Laid-Back Living

Australia’s diversity and size offer varying experiences depending on your location within the country. What is a given, however, is that it’s a favorite for many working ex-pats and retirees. 

The big cities attract the most ambitious ex-pats, and you’ll find that public transportation is reliable enough that you won’t have to worry about getting your own car for some time–which is pricey in this country, just like gas.


Taxes are high, but so is the quality of living, and you’ll find that it’s well worth it when it comes to healthcare. Still, Australians’ laid-back and friendly attitudes draw ex-pats in, making for a culturally diverse and welcoming environment.

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5. Canada: Best for Families

Well known for its universal healthcare, which provides free medical care to all citizens and permanent residents.

Countries to Work and Live Abroad Canada

Canada offers many job opportunities across sectors like healthcare, tech, natural resources, education, and more.

You have some interesting options for applying for a work visa, too. US and Mexico residents can work for up to six months in Canada without a work permit but will need one if they plan to stay longer. Open work permits allow you to work for many companies, and employer-specific permits you can apply for after signing a contract. 

And, of course, we can’t end this section without mentioning the many mandatory benefits available for workers, from paid time off, parental leave, and other non-monetary benefits that many employers offer, including flexible work hours.

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6. New Zealand: Best for Adventure-Seekers

Ranked tenth on The Global Economy’s Happiness Index (out of 134), New Zealand is a great option for those looking to strike the perfect work-life balance. 

Kiwis cherish their free time to the point of protecting it by law with generous paid annual leave, public holidays, time off for bereavement and sickness, and up to 52 weeks for parental leave. 

New Zealand

New Zealand’s natural beauty can’t be understated. With short commutes, friendly locals, and stunning natural beauty, it’s a perfect retreat for adventure seekers.

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7. Finland: Best for Nature Lovers


Finland, the happiest country on Earth, offers a serene natural landscape and diverse job opportunities. The country offers many ex-pats opportunities to move forward in many professions.

For native English speakers concerned about the language barrier, Finland provides integration services, including language classes and job support.

Your skills and willingness to work will be appreciated from health to education, hospitality and engineering. Finland also has a growing industry in video games, and Nokia is a long-standing, well-respected name worldwide that provides many job opportunities. 

Forestry is also an important source of employment in Finland if you are familiar with manual labor and want to be closer to nature. This makes Finland one of the most chosen country to work and live abroad.

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8. France: Best for Retirees

Living in France is all about the good life. France promises a balance of life and work, with high living standards and fewer working hours than most European countries.

It’s a popular destination for expats, particularly retirees or semi-retired people. The gorgeous landscapes and old cities draw in people worldwide, and the friendly locals cherish socialization. Proficiency in French is a plus but not a barrier, as the locals are known to be friendly and social.

Countries to Work and Live Abroad France

France is also a great place to move with your family. Schools, including college, are affordable (if not free). And when you aren’t working, you’ll have many other European countries to visit, thanks to France’s location and excellent transportation infrastructure.

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9. Netherlands: Best for Education

The Netherlands is a hub for academia and research, with a booming sustainable energy and technology industry. To improve your job prospects, proficiency in Dutch is recommended. The younger population is fluent in English for the most part, but you’ll want to arrive with at least some knowledge of Dutch.


This country is also dedicated to maintaining a clean environment and has a booming sustainable energy and technology industry.

While there are many steps to apply for a visa, the country offers work visas to entrepreneurs, freelancers, and self-employed individuals.

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10. Hong Kong: Best for City Lovers

Hong Kong Countries to Work and Live Abroad

Hong Kong is a global financial hub known for its high living standards. It’s an excellent destination for foreigners seeking employment in financial services, trade and logistics, technology, tourism and hospitality, and real estate.

The combination of a diverse job market and low taxes makes it attractive enough. Still, inhabitants also enjoy low crime rates, efficient public transport, and a unique blend of Eastern and Western cultures.

Finally, English is an official language widely spoken throughout Hong Kong, easing the transition towards learning Cantonese. This language can easily seem overwhelming for those unfamiliar with it. Hong Kong is defnitly one among the best countries to work and live abroad.

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Best Countries to Work and Live Abroad – Conclusion

Moving to a new country can be daunting, but it can be an exciting adventure with the right support and information. International Van Lines is here to help you through every step, ensuring your move overseas is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

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